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Why Your Five-Year-Old Could Not Have Done That By Susie Hodge

Why Your Five-Year-Old Could Not Have Done That By Susie Hodge

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For skeptics and fans alike, this engaging and thought-provoking look at 100 controversial paintings and sculptures reveals just what is so special about artworks of apparent simplicity.

Come on, you know you’ve thought it — while viewing a »masterpiece« of abstract art, you mutter, »A kid could do that.« Here Susie Hodge, author of »How to Survive Modern Art«, explains why the best examples of modern art are actually the result of sophisticated thought and serious talent. From Marcel Duchamp’s notorious Fountain and the scribbles of Cy Twombly to Mark Rothko’s multiforms and Carl Andre’s uncarved blocks, Hodge addresses critical outrage with a revealing insight into the technical skill, layering of ideas, and sheer inspiration behind each work. In cleverly organized chapters such as »Objects/ Toys«, »Provocations/Tantrums«, and »People/Monsters«, Hodges thoughtfully and definitively lays bare the perception that modern art is mere child’s play.

“An indispensable, well-organized guide that employs impartial examination of modern works of art.” —School Arts Magazine

Paperback, with flaps, 224 pages, 19,5 x 13,0 cm, 100 color illustrations

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